SMS Messaging

SMS Messaging in Kandy.js is almost identical to Messaging. There is only one difference, and that is when creating the conversation object.

Creating a SMS Conversation

When creating or retrieving a SMS Conversation, you have to specify that it is of type: 'sms', like so:

 *  SMS Chat functionality.

// We will only track one conversation in this demo.
var currentConvo;

// Create a new conversation with another cell device.
function createConvo() {
  var participant = document.getElementById('cell-device').value;

  // Pass in a cell number to create a conversation with that number.
  currentConvo = kandy.conversation.get(participant, {type: 'sms'});

  log('Conversation created with: ' + participant)

If this is specified, then the conversation and all messages created from it will have a type of sms.

The rest of SMS messaging is the same as Messaging. All API functions and events will work the same.