You can get the latest version of the SDK here:

Kandy.js 3.1.0 - Kandy Link
Kandy.js 3.1.0 - Kandy CPaaS
Kandy.js 3.1.0 - Kandy Anonymous Calls


Kandy.js 3.1.0

We have released Kandy.js 3.1.0. This release brings a number of bug fixes over 3.0.0.

Kandy.js 3.0

Kandy.js 3.0 is finally out of beta!

Kandy.js 3.0 rc2

Today we're releasing an updated release candidate for Kandy.js 3.0. This release includes many fixes and changes.

Kandy.js 3.0 rc1

We're happy to announce Kandy.js 3.0.0 RC1. This release is another big step forward towards the full release of 3.0.

Kandy.js 3.0 beta!

Today we are releasing the next version of Kandy.js. It is a major step forward for Kandy application developers and will help drive the evolution of the Kandy platform forward.