We’re happy to announce Kandy.js 3.0.0 RC1. This release is another big step forward towards the full release of 3.0.

Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Documentation for the 3 major backend platforms is now available on the portal.
  • New version of the SDK for token-based anonymous calls (Anonymous Calls) with a new tutorial.
  • We’ve change the names of some functions, events, namespaces to be more user friendly and consistent.
    • If you were using a previous beta, this is a breaking change.
    • Note that after 3.0 is released we will be following semantic versioning. After that point we plan on keeping backwards compatibility a high priority and don’t plan on doing breaking changes.
  • Many bug fixes and stability improvements.

Please Note: We plan on starting to track our changelog in a more granular fashion once 3.0 is fully released.

You can get the new SDK here:

Kandy.js 3.0 - Kandy Link
Kandy.js 3.0 - Kandy CPaaS
Kandy.js 3.0 - Kandy Anonymous Calls

Please have a look at our Quickstarts and our Reference Documentation to get you started.