We have released Kandy.js 3.1.0. This release brings a number of bug fixes over 3.0.0.


  • Fixed an issue where track removal does not get cleaned up properly. KAA-1305
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes cause an error when the user adds “sip:” before the destination address when making a call. KAA-1360
  • Fixed an issue with Firefox media rendering by escaping special characters from selector in Track component. KAA-1231
  • Fixed an issue with hold state failing to be set properly on call with certain SIP servers KAA-938
  • Fixed an issue where audio would not stay muted when going from both hold to local hold. KAA-1202
  • Fixed an issue where user objects were being added to the state without a userId property, causing them to be keyed by undefined. KAA-1330
  • Fixed an issue affecting messaging whereby outgoing instant messages remained stuck in an “isPending” state. KAA-1321
  • Fixed an issue where starting the preview video was failing. KAA-1344
  • Fixed an issue where the content type header was not being set properly during subscription. KAA-1331
  • Fixed an issue where Kandy Link users were not having calls added to call history. KAA-1336
  • Fixed an issue where the presence userID was not being set in some cases in the presence notification message. KAA-1382
  • Fixed an issue where an internally-used library was polluting the window object. KAA-1371
  • Fixed an issue where slow-start calls that are rejected were not added to call history. KAA-1203